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Who is Greg Apodaca?

Greg Apodaca is an explorer in the latest frontier facing humankind, a frontier characterized by the exponential pace of change and resulting in the rapid evolution of our species and society.

As we step into this new and very different future – a future that holds both the existential threat of the climate emergency as well as the greatest economic opportunity in history – more than ever, the future is ours to create. Greg started Community 2.0 as a platform to mobilize the greater Pasadena/Los Angeles community and communities around the world. Our purpose is to enable thriving people to create a sustainable planet.  

Greg is on a path to identify and reach his full potential. For over two decades, he has explored transformational leadership on a community-wide scale with the intent to leverage resources and create an extraordinary level of change. He is combining that experience with a new model and set of tools, those of Exponential Organizations (Ex0).

ExO is a concept conceived by thought leaders Peter Diamandis, Ray Kurzweil, and Salim Ismail. Practiced by industry leading organizations like Apple, Netflix, Lyft, and Uber, ExO is a mindset, model, and set of tools with which to ideate, structure, and run organizations ten times (10x) better than competitors. ExO status is achieved using new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, and several others that are disrupting business models and practices. 

Humanity is at a turning point. There is a very real possibility that our species may not be long for this planet, and it will be of our own doing if we perish. Monumental change is needed to save the planet, and it will happen one community at a time, with communities linked together around the world. 

Greg has been influenced by many thought leaders over the years and their ideas can be found strewn throughout his work. These leaders include: Leland Kaiser, Peter Drucker, Peter Senge, Steven Covey, Tom Willhite, Jim Rohn, Thomas Friedman, Peter Diamandis, Ray Kurzweil, Marcia Weider, and Salim Ismail. He stands on their shoulders and recognizes their positive influence on him.


Greg Apodaca
Greg Apodaca

Alma Apodaca

Alma is committed to the community of women leaders locally and globally. The inclusive nature of women and their leadership styles is critically needed as the world comes together and must collaborate. Alma brings the knowledge and skillset needed to make this happen in Community 2.0 locations around the world. 

Alma brings over 20 years of experience as a strategic and results-oriented Human Resources leader. She has expertise in workforce strategy, learning and organizational development, leader coaching and employee relations.  She also has expertise as a diversity and inclusion consultant. Alma specializes in coaching leaders in professional development, performance improvement, and career development. Alma Apodaca is an expert in change management and building internal relationships. She is a strategic thinker, able to ask the right questions to support leaders’ and organizations’ overall effectiveness.  Alma is also the founder of Next Best Action, a coaching and consulting practice working with leaders to identify and achieve their next level of success.