About C2.0

Who is Greg Apodaca?

Greg Apodaca has devoted his life to seeking a path to a new community, one in which passion and purpose are the predominant values, and everyone has the ability to discover their true selves.

In 1996, Greg was inspired by futurist Leland Kaiser, who compared community to a human organism, in which all the body parts work in concert. Every organ is linked to all the other organs, every cell to every other cell. Greg became convinced that the reason our current community is so dysfunctional is that we lack a central nervous system binding the needs of one person, neighborhood, or organization to all the others. He set out to change that, starting in his own home town.

As the visionary and process champion of Leadership Pasadena and MountainTop Strategies, Greg has the skills to make something from nothing – from just an idea. Greg’s talents lie in educating and connecting individuals and communities into a more effective and functional whole.

Now he is bringing those talents to the world to create a global community; a global network of people who believe in connectivity, and personal and collective transformation. A village of seekers and doers willing to work together and to co-create Community 2.0.

Greg Apodaca
Greg Apodaca

Alma Apodaca

Co-Founder of Community 2.0

Alma Apodaca brings to Community 2.0 years of experience as a results-oriented HR Manager. She has designed training programs that enhance organizational development and propel teams forward. She specializes in coaching managers & employees in professional development, performance improvement, and career pathing. Alma Apodaca is an expert in change management and building internal relationships. She’s a strategic thinker, able to ask the necessary questions to support overall understanding.

Greg Apodaca

Whitney Harrison

Media Manager

Whitney joined the Community 2.0 team in 2016 after working with Greg on a Personal Leadership retreat. She is passionate about building relationships, community and self-improvement, so C 2.0 is the perfect place. When Whitney is not managing C 2.0 media she is serving her community as the Program Director at a Pasadena non-profit, enjoying time with her friends and family and of course rooting for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Rave Reviews for Community 2.0

“The Vision retreat and Mastermind were like being plucked out of my daily rut and given a bird’s eye view of my life. With this enhanced perspective, I was able to make conscious decisions to better prepare me for the journey ahead. Soon after, I quit my old job and found a new job that was exactly what I was looking for.”  Bill K., Nursing Informatics


“The Mastermind was such a great area of positivity in my life. I learned more about myself and the potential I really have to GO BIG in my own life.” Sharon S., Clinical Genetics Administrator


“Greg is a great facilitator, he gently nudges you into believing your goals and dreams are important and worth you missing whatever reality show you are going to miss on TV. When I first thought about going to a retreat to write a 20 year vision for my life my first thought was I hope I live 20 more years since my parents did not live to be that old. I am so glad I did and I discovered I still had some things I wanted to accomplish. After the weekend I felt energized, transformed and excited about what I could accomplish in the next few years with that renewed commitment to myself.”  Lisa S.


“The retreat significantly helped me to focus on  issues that had laid dormant that I need to pay attention to and develop a long-range vision to accomplish. ” Judy Turner, Founder, Collaborative Solutions


“The mastermind helped me accomplish some goals that I’ve been putting off or just hadn’t made a priority.  Simply writing them down is not enough, I found that the support and accountability from the group really helped me get into action about the goals.  The goals I had were easy, so why hadn’t I accomplished them before?  I didn’t have anyone asking me about them on a regular basis and cheering me on when I made progress towards them.  The mastermind experience was like having my own cheering squad for 90 days!” Alma A.


“The PVP retreat gave me the space and support I needed to voice and record my dreams. Today, I am making those dreams a reality.” Justin Kibbe, Poet & Publisher


“The Mastermind and Purpose Vision and Passion Retreat was like spiritual lightning!. It changed everything it touched in me. It gave me a new view of my life-from 30,000 feet. I found alignment, congruity, and clarity.”  Michael Bernard, New Thought Minister, Ahiah Center for Spirituality


“Mastermind is a way of life and frame of mind that is incredibly empowering! I am filled with love, gratitude, energy, hope, peace, and happiness.” Patty Ezcorza-Jaime


“The mastermind really supported me in losing 18 pounds and still counting, improving my 1/2 marathon time from 3:20 to 2:57.  Emotionally, it helped improve the relationship with my sister.  I also came away with a clear vision for my life – I’d been stuck for a long time.”  Martha S.

“Greg thank YOU. I hope you had an amazing weekend writing your PVP. Thank you so much for your guidance. I really know everything is working out for my higher good. I am so grateful for you and the rest of the Mastermind.” Catherine B.