We have all heard that love makes the world go ‘round. And we all know that distance makes the heart grow fonder. But I’ll bet you didn’t know that action makes the heart grow stronger, at least when it comes to sustaining action toward your dreams! You see action is what creates results, positive results create positive energy, and positive energy is what it takes to generate more action. It is a vicious cycle. It’s the thing-achievers know, depend on, and feed off of. This is the secret, to being a high-achieving success! You become stronger and find the heart to continue moving forward simply by taking action…now!

Action is important because it is so easy to get stuck, isn’t it! It is so easy to just sit there and do nothing. We have all been there, right? We have a great idea, maybe we even write a plan to achieve our new goal, the something happens and we stall. All of a sudden instead of taking action, all we can think of is the million reasons why our idea is wrong for the times, or too expensive , or we think no one will want it, or we tell ourselves it is just a bad idea! Right there, in the five seconds when we had to make the choice to act or not, is what separates the high achievers from everyone else.  Success magazine contributor Mel Robbins calls this the Five Second Rule, and she warns us to not wait more than five seconds to take action or we’ll default and not take action at all. Click on this link to learn more about it http://www.success.com/podcast/mel-robbins-on-changing-your-life-in-5-seconds.  If you want to be among the 3-5% of those who really live their dreams, here’s the answer, take action immediately, and more often, and accept no excuses!

Here’s the best way I know to guaranty that you will take action every time, or almost every time; have a back-up motivator. Tell a friend or partner what you are going to do, then ask them to hold you accountable! That’s right, ask them to check up on you and ask about the results you generated from the action you said you’d take. In my experience, there is no more powerful way to make sure you’ll take action than the fear of having to tell someone else that you chickened out.  Ugh, I hate that! I remember telling the City manager in Pasadena that I was going to quit my job and work full time to start a non-profit we’d been working on together. A week later when I saw him again I told him I had second thought and wasn’t going to quit after all. Man, he read me the riot act from today ‘til tomorrow, and basically told me I WAS too going to quit just as I told him I would. Nuf said; back-up motivator works again!

OK, there you have it. Do whatever it takes to take and stay in action mode. Let your past action inspire more action, or use the five second rule to make sure you get up before the count of five to get you off of your couch, or use the back-up motivation provided by a friend to “make you” take action for fear of the shame that comes with inaction! Whatever it takes, whatever works for you, just take and find a way to stay in action!  

This blog is an example of concepts we live by in my new organization, Community 2.0.  PM me for more information about how the best way to reach our full individual potential is by working more effectively together.