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Rave Reviews for Community 2.0

“The Vision retreat and Mastermind were like being plucked out of my daily rut and given a bird’s eye view of my life. With this enhanced perspective, I was able to make conscious decisions to better prepare me for the journey ahead. Soon after, I quit my old job and found a new job that was exactly what I was looking for.”  Bill K., Nursing Informatics


“The Mastermind was such a great area of positivity in my life. I learned more about myself and the potential I really have to GO BIG in my own life.” Sharon S., Clinical Genetics Administrator


“Greg is a great facilitator, he gently nudges you into believing your goals and dreams are important and worth you missing whatever reality show you are going to miss on TV. When I first thought about going to a retreat to write a 20 year vision for my life my first thought was I hope I live 20 more years since my parents did not live to be that old. I am so glad I did and I discovered I still had some things I wanted to accomplish. After the weekend I felt energized, transformed and excited about what I could accomplish in the next few years with that renewed commitment to myself.”  Lisa S.


“The retreat significantly helped me to focus on  issues that had laid dormant that I need to pay attention to and develop a long-range vision to accomplish. ” Judy Turner, Founder, Collaborative Solutions


“The mastermind helped me accomplish some goals that I’ve been putting off or just hadn’t made a priority.  Simply writing them down is not enough, I found that the support and accountability from the group really helped me get into action about the goals.  The goals I had were easy, so why hadn’t I accomplished them before?  I didn’t have anyone asking me about them on a regular basis and cheering me on when I made progress towards them.  The mastermind experience was like having my own cheering squad for 90 days!” Alma A.


“The PVP retreat gave me the space and support I needed to voice and record my dreams. Today, I am making those dreams a reality.” Justin Kibbe, Poet & Publisher


“The Mastermind and Purpose Vision and Passion Retreat was like spiritual lightning!. It changed everything it touched in me. It gave me a new view of my life-from 30,000 feet. I found alignment, congruity, and clarity.”  Michael Bernard, New Thought Minister, Ahiah Center for Spirituality


“Mastermind is a way of life and frame of mind that is incredibly empowering! I am filled with love, gratitude, energy, hope, peace, and happiness.” Patty Ezcorza-Jaime


“The mastermind really supported me in losing 18 pounds and still counting, improving my 1/2 marathon time from 3:20 to 2:57.  Emotionally, it helped improve the relationship with my sister.  I also came away with a clear vision for my life – I’d been stuck for a long time.”  Martha S.

“Greg thank YOU. I hope you had an amazing weekend writing your PVP. Thank you so much for your guidance. I really know everything is working out for my higher good. I am so grateful for you and the rest of the Mastermind.” Catherine B.