Purpose, Vision and Passion Retreat

Purpose, Vision and Passion Retreat
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Date - Friday, June 23, 6:00 PM through Sunday, June 25 2:00 PM

…prepare for a very different future, the future of your dreams!

Things are changing. We’re living in an age of technological wonder and advancement, when the seemingly impossible happens every day! Entrepreneurs want to take us into outer space, and even colonize Mars! Entire industries are being disrupted and transformed by newcomers like Uber and Airbnb.

In these times when it seems more and more is becoming possible, there are new rules to play the game. Learn and play by them and you’re more likely prosper and thrive. Darwin famously said, “it is not the strongest who survive, it is the most adaptable.” In nature, species that don’t keep learning and adapting disappear. This is true for people too.

The New Rules for Sustained Success are Simple

Future-focus – picture leading a longer, more fulfilling life while keeping an eye on the shifting horizon
Adapt – evolve and adapt as the world continues to do too, assembling resources when you need them
Resilience -– stay calm in any storm as you master life’s dimensions: Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual
Purpose – pursue life purpose, the unique reason you are here on Earth. At. This. Time.
Community – engage deeply in life, stay grounded and anchored in a community of supportive relationships

Join us for an exciting weekend retreat and come away with: 1. A clear vision of your future, 2. A deep understanding of resilience and the skills needed to be adaptable, 3.A heartfelt connection with your purpose in life!

“The PVP retreat gave me the space and support I needed to voice and record my dreams. Today, I am making those dreams a reality.” Justin Kibbe, Poet & Publisher

“The retreat significantly helped me to focus on  issues that had laid dormant that I need to pay attention to and develop a long-range vision to accomplish. ” Judy Turner, Founder, Collaborative Solutions

Ask about our teleconference option if you live out of the area.

When PVP Retreat and Mastermind are both paid in full prior to 6/22, a 15% discount will be applied to the total.
PVP Retreat fee is $1,450.00 and includes lodging and meals.

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June 23, 2017