The world is changing at a faster and faster clip! Old ideas are falling by the wayside. Dreamers are dreaming bigger. And the rest of us had better keep up or get left behind.

Think about it:  Your new phone will have a replacement in about one year and it will be 10 times more powerful than the one in your pocket now. Driving a car is passe, and kids born in the last five years may never drive a car! Going-and-coming  to the moon is old school, and now we are going to colonize Mars! The newest generations use technology intuitively, so computers are becoming extensions of people, connected at your hand!

We had better get a clue and keep up with change as it morphs into transformation! In case you’re wondering, the difference between change and transformation is this; change is incremental progress along a path similar to the one you are on now. Transformation is looking at things completely differently, from a new and different paradigm. Buying a newer phone is change. Moving our sights from going to the moon, to colonizing mars, is transformation!

And it’s not just older generations that need to clue in the increasingly fast pace of change and transformation, as they occur at the same time. We all will be living much longer lives, two or more times as long as our parents. We all will be in constant communication with lots more people as computers will eventually be wearable or even planted under our skin instead of us having to carry them.

Because of all this increased computer and communications technology, we all will have the opportunity to bring our unique gift to many more people, or even the whole world. We may want to figure out what are unique gift is, if we don’t already know it, in preparation for what is just around the bend!