Years ago I read a book by Dan Pallotta called “When Your Time Comes.” The book was about stepping into your life’s calling, and it really inspired me. You see, I’d already followed my dream one time in my life, when I started a nonprofit organization called , Leadership Pasadena. And here we go again, I feel I’m being called to step into the next chapter of my life, and starting a new organization called, Community 2.0.

Community 2.0, the next generation community, is an idea whose time has come. As one of my favorite people, futurist Ray Kurzweil says, in the very near future, every aspect of our lives will be transformed by exponential technology. And society is totally unprepared for it. People don’t even like change, let along transformation! So they’ll need someone to show them the way, and that’s where Community 2.0 will come in. We’ll show folks how to create a happy life and lifestyle, that will also be fulfilling in the long term. In addition, we’ll do it in a supportive community so it’ll be fun, even the stuff that’s not usually fun. Kind of like working out at the gym is more fun when you do it with a friend.   

I like starting new stuff and thinking things so they can be better. It’s what I do. And,I like to think positively, act courageously, and bring my friends along with me. People like Peter Diamandis convinced me it is possible so I want to touch the lives of a BILLION people with Community 2.0. Peter, whose TED Talk on abundance states that humanity is entering an age of abundance, made possible by technological advances nobody could foresee, says we are entering an age when many people, including you and me, can touch the lives of a BILLION people. Right? Jobs did it, Gates too. Zuckerberg too, and the list grows longer every day. I guess it’s my turn to do it. Why not?

My idea is simple: look into the future as far as possible when everything will be transformed, predict how the world will be different then, determine what people will need and want to make life fun and enjoyable in the short term as well as fulfilling in the long term, take the complexity out of it using current day software, and provide it for them. OK, so there’s more to it than that, I admit, but there’s no room here to list all the details. Trust me, it’s going to work! I plan to ask the word for advice, as in crowd sourcing ideas, and also ask them to engage with me as partners or investors, as in crowd sourcing.

Now here’s the 64 billion dollar question. Has your time come too? In the new, transformed world EVERYTHING will be different. You, and I, and we all will need to create everything anew! Everything. Here’s the time to do what you really love doing and do it with new technology so it’ll be even better than in the past. New bicycles, new jets, new plants, new clothes, new cars, new ways to meditate, new ways to camp, new ways to consult with corporations, new ways to help needy kids, and on and on. Everything will be transformed.

So get to it. Dust off your old ideas that for whatever reason you didn’t act on, and make them real in the  transformed world. Because…YOUR TIME HAS JUST COME!  

This blog is an example of concepts we live by in my new organization, Community 2.0.  PM me for more information about how the best way to reach your full individual potential is by working more effectively together.