As we enter the New Year, I am reflecting on my life; the good the bad and the ugly. I guess I am struggling because everything is not going great, as I think it should. Most of it is going great, and yet I‘ve been dwelling on the part that isn’t. As an executive coach, I realize that we all go through times like this where we focus on what’s missing from our life, instead of focusing on what we have already accomplished; it’s the poor me syndrome, and we’ve all been there before. Here is what I tell people I coach in times like these. Look around you, you have it pretty good don’t you? You have plenty to eat, a place to sleep, a roof over your head. That’s what you should focus on, you have it pretty good, and  a lot people don’t. Choose to focus on the positive…because you can!  

What we choose to focus on matters because it determines, to a great extent, whether we take another step forward in life, or not. It can also determine whether we walk or run or fly. As some still say, you can see the glass as half empty, or half full. Our perspective matters even more today because we are entering an age of abundance. It matters because now our choice includes seeing the glass as overflowing, or even overflowing and refillable. Oops, spilled your glass? No worries, let me refill that for you and now it’s overflowing again. Kind of like falling off of your bike, you can choose to stay on the ground and cry, or you can pick yourself up and starting to ride again, even faster. It’s your choice, right!

Futurist Peter Diamandis explained it this way recently, the world’s biggest problems can also be seen as the world’s biggest business opportunities. He’s also the guy I mentioned above with the glass overflowing mentality. Check out his TED Talk on abundance, but be warned, he is a optimist, on steroids! You WILL be positive about the future after watching this video – it’s one of my all-time favorites!

Peter’s right, you know. One person’s challenge is another’s opportunity. Here’s an old story that illustrates the point really well: there were two salespersons from competing companies sent to a poor country where the people wore no shoes. One salesperson sent a message back to his company: no opportunities here, the people don’t wear shoes. The other messaged back to his company: unlimited opportunity here, no one is wearing shoes yet! Wow! One saw a problem, one saw opportunity, in the exact same set of circumstances!

How do you choose to see life! Do you see problems or opportunities? Is your outlook on life half-empty, half-full, or overflowing and refillable? We’ve all been optimistic before and we’ve all been pessimistic. We’ve each chosen one or the other at times, so know how to choose both. And there is the bottom line…It’s your choice…And it makes all the difference!

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