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The world is fundamentally changing – it is transforming in front of our eyes and it is doing so faster than most people realize. This is an exciting time that presents both challenges and opportunities for us all!

The pace of change is now exponential, yet people have been taught to think linearly.  This creates a huge disconnect and it is hard for us to fathom the scope and scale of the impact exponential change will have on every aspect of our lives. 

Key Drivers Transforming Our World:

1. People Helping People: People coming together globally around shared visions, using the benefits of instantaneous communications and social media to to amplify change, as we’ve seen in the women’s movement, the Arab Spring, and Black Lives Matter.

2. People Enhanced by Technology: People utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make life easier and more effective such as the conveniences of Alexa and Siri at home, the power of robotics in transforming industries, and diagnostic and DNA altering technologies in the medical industry. 

3. People Expanding Human Potential:  Technology, psychology, neurobiology, and pharmacology are providing new ways to expand consciousness, human potential, and the way we interact in teams and as communities. 

4. People Managing Abundance: A trend has developed that fundamentally shifts the way we see the world and choose to operate within it. The Exponential Organizations model (ExO) enables businesses, cities, and online communities to become ten times (10X) more effective than in the past. Examples include Google, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, and many more.

We are now able to shape the future as never before.


We have a short window in which to create monumental change and save our planet.

Join us today in this exciting and important endeavor! The world needs all of us to be engaged!

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